Mechanical Engineering

ME Advisory Committee (MEAC)

MEAC Definition

The Mechanical Engineering Advisory Committee (MEAC) at Cleveland State University includes dedicated members from government, industry, and other interested local community members. The MEAC provides an effective and interactive tool between the M.E. Department and the local community.  The MEAC provides a means for the faculty and student body to interact with and learn more about the technical, business and professional needs of industry and government. The MEAC provides the department with valuable input concerning current and future trends in industry, resources for research and development, industry interfaces and exchanges, recruitment opportunities, and departmental promotion.

MEAC Vision Statement

The MEAC actively assists the Mechanical Engineering Department in preparing students to be effective and thrive as within a contemporary business environment. As stakeholders of the process, the MEAC will provide feedback on the curriculum, monitor the progress of the M.E. Department Strategic Plan implementation, and participate with both students and faculty to accomplish key deliverables.  

MEAC Primary Objectives

To promote teaching excellence at both the undergraduate and graduate level.
To assist in identification, support, and review of the Senior Capstone Design projects.
To assist in the recruitment of outstanding undergraduate and graduate students.
To advise the faculty and the undergraduate and graduate students of the professional skills expected of B.S., M.S. and Doctoral graduates hired in industry, business, and government.
To assist the department in interactions with the Dean, faculty and the University administration, appropriate fund-raising, and promotional activities.
To promote excellence in graduate student and faculty research.
To assist the department in providing public service to the State of Ohio and its citizens.