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Mini-Baja Off-Road Vehicle Design

Vehicle Frame


This design report presents the steps planned to completely design and build a Mini-Baja car from concept to finish, in order to compete in the Midwest Mini-Baja competition held in Dayton, Ohio, sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE).  This vehicle must be capable of going off road and must be built according to specifications given in the 2005 SAE Mini-Baja Series Consolidated Rules.  Background information regarding the competition is discussed and explained along with requirements set up by SAE officials.  The competition goals, including design considerations are also established.  A timeline displaying the impending completion dates of various components of the design is listed.  Initial steps taken in the design process, including research on past designs, discussion of possible power train options that were available, and the actual selection of the power train, and construction of the roll cage are presented.

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