Co-ops and Professional Development

CEEL Office Responsibilities

The CEEL Office Staff’s objective is to facilitate the entire co-op process. The CEEL Office is a major communicator between all parties: the student, employer, on-site supervisor, and faculty mentor.

1. Student Communication

The CEEL Office will be the key contact in the student’s search for her/his co-op by assisting the student with:

  • Resume preparation
  • Co-op opportunity search and selection
  • Communication with employers: distribution of resumes, receipt of job description
  • Development of Learning Objectives
  • Ensuring that the student and Faculty Mentor review co-op job descriptions
  • Ensuring the student registers for ESC 300/400

Once the student begins the co-op, the CEEL office staff is responsible for maintaining the lines of communications between all parties. Any concerns faced by the student should be communicated to the Coordinator and/or Faculty Advisor/Mentor, for their help.  The CEEL office's communications with the student are considered confidential unless otherwise stipulated by the student.

A member of the CEEL Office Staff, the Associate Dean or a Faculty member will meet with the student and employer approximately half way through the work period. If an in person meeting is not possible, they will establish phone contact with the student and employer. The purpose will be to review the student's progress against his/her objectives, the student's evaluation of the position and the employer's evaluation of the student's performance to date. The meeting will be in three segments: one with the student, one with the employer and a meeting with all three parties. The goal is to resolve any issues and ensure that the co-op position is a learning experience for the student.

The CEEL Office will be the focal point in assisting the student and employer to resolve problems which may arise during the co-op process.

The CEEL Office cannot guarantee co-op placement, but will assist in developing the skills necessary for the student to be successful in her/his co-op search. Our goal is 100% placement of all registered co-op students.

2.  Faculty Communication:

The CEEL Office will assist the Faculty Mentor and students in completing the requirements of the Co-op Program. Although it is the faculty advisor’s responsibility to review the job description and establish objectives for the co-op experience, it is the CEEL Office’s responsibility to assist the student in developing the skills necessary to be successful in her/his search. The CEEL Office will ensure the student and Faculty Mentor receives a copy of the job description.  If the Faculty Mentor finds the description to be unacceptable, it is the responsibility of the CEEL Office to obtain additional details and clarification from the employer and communicate them to the student and Faculty Mentor.

The CEEL Office will monitor faculty/company visits and ensure all required documents are reviewed and complete; the CEEL Office will also keep the mentor advised of any potential problems.

3.   Employer Communication:

The CEEL Office is responsible for communicating Washkewicz College of Engineering requirements for a co-op to all employers, including academic expectations and procedural requirements.

The process begins with the receipt of the job description for the co-op position and communication of this position’s availability to the students through contacting the CEEL Office at 216.687.2555 and submission via HandShake. All interested students will contact the Coordinator and the following process will begin.

The CEEL Office Staff:

  • Contact employers and identify co-op positions
  • Communicate positions to students
  • Forward resumes of all interested students to the employer or provide contacts
  • Facilitate contact between the employer and students of interest
  • Ensure that the job description has been reviewed by the Faculty Mentor and student prior to the student’s acceptance of the position
  • Facilitate arrangement of a possible site visit with Faculty Mentor and CEEL Staff member
  • Ensure communication between the Faculty Mentor, student, and employer; assuring that all issues are addressed and solutions provided
  • At the conclusion of the co-op, it is the Coordinator’s responsibility to follow up with all parties and ensure that all goals have been attained
  • Work with employers to develop a long-term, ongoing relationship on behalf of the Washkewicz College of Engineering Co-op Program.

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