Co-ops and Professional Development

Student Participation

Co-op Search

To be more successful in their search for a co-op position, students are encouraged to do the following:

  • All students interested in co-ops must meet with the CEEL Office Staff to discuss the program, potential professional positions, and begin resume preparation prior to the start of the co-op search. It is best to begin this a minimum of one semester prior to the intended co-op semester. Six months prior to the projected co-op date is ideal.
  • Students must complete the co-op application and be accepted into the co-op program.
  • Students must complete ESC130 (Cooperative Education Orientation) and earn a grade of satisfactory.
  • The student is responsible for submitting an approved, professional resume to HandShake.
  • The student should be aware of the potential professions that interest her/him as she/he proceeds in academic learning. These need to be considered when selecting a co-op site.
  • Meet with the faculty mentor upon acceptance into the program. Note: the Cooperative Education Curriculum is arranged to allow students to begin co-op work the summer after completion of the sophomore year.
  • Consider membership in professional organizations and take a leadership role.
  • It is suggested that the student reviews the job description with their faculty mentor to ensure that the position is a good fit.
  • With the assistance of the CEEL Office, students and employers will mutually schedule interviews and screening. It is important that students respond to all communications from the employer and the CEEL Office. If the student is not interested in the position, it is still important to present themselves as professionals and representatives of the Washkewicz College of Engineering, as this may affect future opportunities.
  • Students must report all offers, and subsequent acceptance of a co-op to a member of the CEEL Office staff within one week of accepting the offer. This is important in preventing the student’s resume from being sent to other employers.
  • Students must report any positions declined.
  • Students must register for all co-ops (ESC 300/400) prior to the start of the work opportunity. College registration deadlines must be adhered to when registering for a co-op. At the completion of a co-op assignment, the student must complete all assignments: a final report, evaluations, and review of objectives with faculty mentor.
  • A member of the Co-op Staff, the Associate Dean, or a Faculty member will meet with the student and employer approximately half way through the work period. If an in person meeting is not possible, establish phone contact with the student and employer must be established. The purpose will be to review the student's progress against his/her objectives, the student's evaluation of the position, and the employer's evaluation of the student's performance to date. The goal is to resolve any issues and ensure that the co-op position is a learning experience for the student.