Co-ops and Professional Development

How to Register Your Work Experience with the Fenn Co-op Office

Congratulations on Landing a Co-op or Internship!

Please Read Below for the Steps that need to be Taken to Register your Work Experience with the Fenn Co-op Office

-Please review the syllabus for ESC 300/400 for the semester you are planning to co-op. The current syllabus for ESC 300/400 can be found on the Fenn Co-op Forms page. 

-Register for ESC 300 or 400

Register for ESC 300 (Fall and Spring) for 6 credit hours for your academic section (you will only be charged for 1 credit hour).

Register for ESC 400 (Summer) for 1 credit hour if you do not have scholarships, student loans and/or are paying out of pocket (then can be taken in the Fall or Spring).

When registering for ESC 300/400make sure you register for the correct section based on your major! Please see below for the current professors teaching ESC 300/400 by major and register for their corresponding section. 

- Chemical & Biomedical Engineering – Dr. Nolan Holland (email:
- Civil & Environmental Engineering – Dr. Josiah Owusu-Danquah (email:
- Electrical & Computer Engineering – Dr. Murad Hizlan (email:  
- Computer Science – Dr. Yongjian Fu (email:
- Mechanical Engineering – Dr. Yongxin Tao (email:
- Engineering Technology – Dr. Michael Adams (email:

For permission to enroll: Email Nicole Tischler

If you are enrolling in ESC 300 and need to defer any scholarships while you are on co-op, please complete the ESC 300 Scholarship Deferral Form

- Submit your Co-op Placement Information Form.

- Review the Student Evaluation and Employer Evaluation Guidelines

- Contact your co-op faculty mentor listed above and review your co-op learning objectives. As of fall semester 2020, this can be done remotely, or in person. If you are able to review your co-op learning objective in person, please submit a signed copy to the Fenn Co-op office. Your co-op advisor will follow-up to discuss your learning objectives and discuss submission.

This information will also be available on your ESC 300/400 course's blackboard page. 


Please feel free to contact your co-op advisor listed below if you have any questions.

Erin Elosh: - Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Technology, and Electrical Engineering Technology 

​​​​​​​Angela Benton-Smith: – Chemical Engineering 

Nicole Tischler: – Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Civil Engineering, and Electrical Engineering