Electrical Engineering and Computer Science



Undergraduate Research Award

Mr. Venkat Padaraju, a Computer engineering student, receives an Undergraduate Research Award in the amount of $1,000.00 for the spring 2017 semester. He will research under the supervision of Prof. Wenbing Zhao. Congratulations and best of luck with his research!


2016 Commencement Ceremony


One hundred sixty five EECS students received university degrees at the 2016 Commencement Ceremony at the Bert L. and Iris S. Wolstein on December 18, 2016. They are 127 graduate (6 MCIS, 118 MSEE, and 2 MSSE) and 38 undergraduate students (16 BSCIS, 12 BEE and 10 BCE). Congratulations! And yes, LeBron James and JR Smith were there to congratulate our graduates!


Prof. Pong Chu received the Distinguished Faculty Award for Teaching

Prof. Pong Chu received the Distinguished Faculty Award for Teaching at the 2016 Commencement Ceremony at the Bert L. and Iris S. Wolstein on December 18, 2016. Congratulations, Dr. Chu!



Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award in 2016

Our doctoral student, Mr. Prasanth Babu Kandula, has been selected to receive the Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award. This award is granted to graduate students who have demonstrated exceptional merit in teaching as the course instructor of record. According to the letter from Interim Dean of College of Graduate Studies, the reviewers were extremely impressed with Prasanth's teaching. Congratulations!



BSCS Students Attended a Health IT Meet–Up

 Health IT Meet–Up

BSCS students attended a Health IT Meet–Up at John Carroll University, Dolan Science Center on November 30. This opportunity is to interact and get to know some of NE Ohio’s fastest growing Health IT Companies including CoverMyMeds, IBM Watson Health, Hyland Software, OnShift, and PartsSource. This event gave students an inside look at what it is like to work in these fast paced, entrepreneurial, highly rewarding environments. A charter bus was arranged to transport CSU and CWRU students to and from the John Carroll campus. 



Prof. Wenbing Zhao's Lead Research Published by IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems

Prof. Wenbing Zhao and a team of researchers from EECS, the School of Health Sciences, and the School of Nursing have written an article titled “A Human-Centered Activity Tracking System: Toward a Healthier Workplace” that has been published in the IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems. Current EECS student Connor Gordon and 2016 graduate Abou-Bakar Fofana were co-authors on the paper, and helped to develop the system through an Undergraduate Summer Research Award. Please see here for details.



News from the Global Cultural Awareness Event

EECNews12_13_2016 Global Cultural Awareness event

Prof. Lili Dong, as the chair of Dean's Diversity Council, organized a Global Cultural Awareness event on November 3 successfully. We had over 150 attendees including the faculty and staff members, and students within and outside our college. There were around 50 students from EECS Department. Drs. Chung and Morinec, Lydia, and Melanie attended the event. Dean Karlsson gave a opening remark. The presidents of Chinese Student and Scholar Association, Indian Student Association, and Saudi Student Association made brief presentations. There were stir fried food, cultural music, and raffles. Attached please find some pictures taken during the event. 



News from the Technology Transfer Office

Prof. Ye Zhu's invention for a secure mobile device connection technology is under review by the Technology Transfer Office (TTO). Dr. Zhu's invention, A Key Agreement Protocol for Wearable Devices, Medical Devices, and Mobile Devices enables two or more wearable mobile devices to communicate and share data securely via a novel key agreement protocol. The technology has been under development for over one year in collaboration with faculty from Iowa State University. Please see here for details.



Distinguished Alumni Award

Our alum (BSEE'62), Mr. James D. Heckelman, receives Cleveland State University’s Distinguished Alumni Award for his service, leadership and career achievements. Mr. Heckelman is the founder of Dan-Mar Company, Inc. in Norwalk, Ohio. As president and chief executive officer for over 40 years, he led the firm in developing custom electronic products for the medical, automotive, military, mining and automotive industries. He holds nine patents. Please see here for details.


Distinguished Faculty Award for Teaching

Prof. Pong Chu receives the 2016 Distinguished Faculty Award for Teaching. This is a distinct honor and the recognition of the importance of his contributions to the academic mission of Cleveland State University. We continue to devote our best efforts toward excellence in research, scholarship, and education - Profs. Simon and Yau received the 2015 and 2013 Distinguished faculty Award for Research, respectively.


Profs. Rarick, Sridhar and Stankovic receive the Golden Apple Award

Profs. Richard Rarick, Nigamanth Sridhar, and Ana Stankovic receive the Golden Apple Award, which is an initiative sponsored by the Young Alumni Council to recognize the outstanding contributions of our dedicated faculty and staff. Nominations were accepted from alumni who graduated in the past decade. Profs. Gao and Yu received the same award in 2014.


CSU's First I-Corps@Ohio Graduates

Professor Ye Zhu and doctoral candidate Jonathan Gurary recently completed the 2016 I-Corps@Ohio program. The 2016 cohort comprised 20 university teams from across Ohio. The CSU team's mobile communication authentication technology, named MobiPass, has been funded by the National Science Foundation. Please see here  for details.


Prof. Dan Simon has been appointed Associate Vice President for Research

Prof. Dan Simon has been appointed Associate Vice President for Research, effective August 22, 2016. Dr. Simon will be responsible for leading and managing many aspects of the Office of Research efforts in research development, including strategic research advancement, communication of research and research opportunities, and proposal support functions. Please see here for details.


IEEE CSS Seminar

Prof. Dong organized the IEEE CSS seminar on Aug. 22, 2016. It turned out to be very successful. We have about 20 audiences including students, faculty members, and industry people. Please see the flyer for details.



Professor Nigamanth Sridhar received an award


Prof. Nigamanth Sridhar received an award with Debbie Jackson (Education) from the Cleveland Foundation to work with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District on a project to bring Computer Science courses to all Cleveland schools.



Undergraduate Research Award


Mr. Mike D'Arcy, a BSCS student, received the Undergraduate Research Award from the CSU Research Office for Fall 2016. His research is supervised by Dr. Pooyan Fazli. Please see here for details. Congratulations!


I-Corps@Ohio Program

Professor Ye Zhu and doctoral candidate Jonathan Gurary along with executive mentor Aaron Bates, was selected as one of 20 teams to participate in the 2016 I-Corps@Ohio cohort. Their mobile communication authentication technology has been funded by the National Science Foundation. The I-Corps@Ohio curriculum is designed to help aspiring entrepreneurial teams understand the market for their technology, develop a compelling commercialization strategy, and attain new skills that will be useful for a long-term career in research and development. Please see this for details.


Professor Chansu Yu Obtains Patent


Professor Chansu Yu was granted a patent from the Korean Intellectual Property Office, titled Method for Tethering of Terminal and Apparatus Therefor. The patent was filed in conjunction with inventors from Pohang University of Science and Technology, South Korea. Please see here for details.


Cleveland State University: Spring 2016 Commencement Ceremony


One hundred forty four EECS students received university degrees at the 2016 Commencement Ceremony at the Bert L. and Iris S. Wolstein on May 14, 2016. They are 88 graduate (18 MCIS, 65 MSEE, and 5 MSSE) and 56 undergraduate students (17 BSCIS, 28 BEE and 11 BCE). Congratulations!


Best Project Award Competition for Senior Design Projects Spring 2016


The 1st Prize at the Best Project Award Competition for Senior Design Projects Spring 2016 goes to our Senior Design Project Team, Andrew Fisher, Robert Marshall, Nicholas White, Mark Heller,Titus Lungu, Brahm Powel. This project is entitled Cerebro and is sponsored by Parker Hannifin. Dr. Joseph Kovach has given a lot of support and Drs. Majid Rashidi and Dr. Pong Chu were faculty advisors. Please see here for details. Congratulations!


Professor Wenbing Zhao receives the Faculty Research Development (FRD) award

Prof. Wenbing Zhao receives the Faculty Research Development (FRD) award. The project is entitled "Enhancing Multidirectional Harnessed Mobility Training with Realtime Sensing and Feedback.” which is in collaboration with Dr. Ann Reinthal, School of Health Sciences. See here. Congratulations!


HKN Induction Ceremony


Prof. Lili Dong organized HKN induction ceremony on April 22, 2016 at Foxes' Den. 21 They initiated 21 new members for Epsilon Alpha chapter of HKN. Congratulations!



Congratulations to Prof. Razaque and a MSSE student (Master of science in Software engineering), Mr. Richard Kolk

Prof. Razaque and a MSSE student (Master of science in Software engineering), Mr. Richard Kolk, receive the Best Paper award in the Applications Track at The 2016 IEEE Long Island Systems, Applications and Technology (LISAT) Conference. The title of the manuscript is “Scalable and Energy Efficient Computer Vision for Text Translation”. Congratulations!


Prof. Pooyan Fazli's research has been featured in the Office of Research Newsletter

Prof. Pooyan Fazli, a new EECS faculty this year, and his research has been featured in the recent Office of Research Newsletter. Please see here for details.


License Agreement between CSU and ProteoSense

Prof. Siu-Tung Yau's research and his US Patent on electrochemical system and method make CSU to enter into a license agreement with ProteoSense, a Columbus, Ohio company focused on rapid food-borne pathogen detection. Please see here for details.


Batu Chalise Receives Air Force Summer Faculty Fellowship

Prof. Batu Chalise receives Air Force Summer Faculty Fellowship. Dr. Chalise will conduct research in radar systems at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. Please see this for details.


ProteoSense LLC has signed an agreement to support Dr. Yau's group


Prof. Siu-Tung Yau's patented technology in ultrasensitive bio-detection leads to the product in the food safety diagnosis market. ProteoSense LLC has signed an agreement to support Dr. Yau's group to conduct a sponsored project in characterization of its water purification system.



IEEE Control Systems Society and HKN Seminar


Prof. Dong, IEEE Control Systems Society and HKN jointly presented a seminar on April 1, 2016 in the Foxes’ Den (FH130). Prof. Richard M. Kolacinski from Case Western Reserve University gave a presentation entitled as "Information-Centric Sensor Networks for CPS". There was a huge audience (85). Please see here for details.



2016 Undergraduate Summer Research Award

Profs. Wenbing Zhao, Janche Sang and Haodong Wang received 2016 Undergraduate Summer Research Awards from CSU Office of Research. Their projects are "Towards a More Dependable Integrated Clinical Environment" (Zhao), "A Human-Centered Activity Tracking Service towards a Healthier Workplace" (Zhao) and "GPU-assisted High Performance Public-key Encryption" (Sang and Wang). One additional project is supported by the EECS Department. It is "FPGA Implementation of Arbitrary Waveform Generator" (Prof. Chu). EECS takes about 10 percentage of the awards. Click here for details. Congratulations!



RoMoCo 2015

Prof. Zhiqiang Gao, Director Center for Advanced Control Technologies, presented at the tenth edition of the International Workshop of Robot Motion and Control (RoMoCo), which was held in Poznan, Poland, on July 6–8, 2015. He made a historical survey of control methods taking advantage of a feed-back and model-based approach. Next, a control method based on active rejec-tion of disturbances (ADRC) supported by an extended state observer was in-vestigated. This story has been featured in a recent issue of IEEE Controls Systems Magazine (February 2016). Please see here for details.


Graduate Student Awards

Dr. Hua Chai and Mr. George Thomas are among 19 recipients who received the inaugural Graduate Student Awards Program. Please see here for details.


CSU Scholar News

Prof. Wenbing Zhao's research work on  human motion tracking or the purpose of automated real-time monitoring of rehabilitation exercises has been featured in a recent CSU Research Newsletter. Please see here for details.


I-Corps@Ohio Program

Prof. Ye Zhu's startup efforts led to his as the first team from CSU to register for the I-Corps@Ohio program. Dr. Zhu's executive summary will be reviewed by program leaders, and if approved, a full response to the RFP will be requested. In addition to receiving an award of $15,000, I-Corps@Ohio teams develop scalable business models that attract seed, angel, and venture funding to support company formation and market entry. Please see here for details.


Professors Yau, Zhou, Lam, and Fox Receive $75,000 MIRP Award

Prof. Siu-Tung Yau received a $75,000 Multi-College Interdisciplinary Research Program (MIRP) award from the Office of Research. His team proposes to develop an inexpensive, hand-held device capable of detecting extremely low concentrations of disease biomarkers in urine. The research team plans to use the MIRP award to collect preliminary results for external funding from the National Institutes of Health and the American Cancer Society. Please see here for details.



Computer Science For All

Prof. Sridhar's $1M NSF grant (CS10k) gets more attention with President Obama's new initiative called CS for All. This bold initiative was motivated by the fact that there were more than 600,000 high-paying tech jobs across the United States last year that were unfilled, and by 2018, 51 percent of all STEM jobs are projected to be in computer science-related fields. This initiative includes expanding access to prior NSF supported programs and professional learning communities through their CS10k Initiative. Note that Prof. Sridhar's $1M NSF grant makes CSU one of about 15 institutions across the country working on the CS10K initiative. Please see here for details.



Prof. Zhiqiang Gao's patent accepted by The US Patent and Trademark Office


Gao Patent: The US Patent and Trademark Office has issued a notice of allowance to Prof. Zhiqiang Gao for his patent application, which is entitled "Extended Active Disturbance Rejection Controller." Prof. Gao's motion control technology has applications in multiple fields, including motor control and factory automation. The patent is part of the intellectual property licensed to LineStream Technologies. Please see here for details.