Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


PCB Layout Design Virtual Workshop

PCB Layout DesignIEEE WIE and IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) honor society (at CSU) jointly organized a PCB Layout Design virtual workshop on Mar. 9, 2023 (2:00pm-3:25pm). In the workshop, Mr. Gianfranco Trovato, who is a Ph.D. student at CSU and the president of HKN, talked about how to use AutoDesk Eagle software to design the PCB layout for a switching voltage regulator circuit. The workshop attracted 66 attendees who are CSU students, local engineers, and IEEE members from the Cleveland area. It is very informative and practical. Through the workshop, students learned schematic diagrams, component placement, PCB routing, and comprehensive library content of Eagle software. Ms. Anusree Mandali (vice president of WIE) helped to prepare and run the event. Ms. Ananya Hazarika (WIE president) promoted the event on CSU campus. Dr. Lili Dong (WIE and HKN faculty advisor) guided the officers to organize the event and advertised the event in IEEE community.