Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

Position for a Graduate Research Assistant

Dr. Geyou Ao is looking for a graduate research assistant for the Fall 2019 semester. The position is funded by NSF and includes a full stipend and tuition. Dr. Ao's project is on creating bio-nano hybrid materials through surface functionalization of carbon nanotubes by biomimetic glycopolymers and utilizing them as fluorescent probes for profiling protein-carbohydrate interactions. The position is open to a PhD student within the Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Department at Cleveland State University who will be enrolled as a full-time student by Fall 2019. Students must send a detailed CV [2-5 pages], undergraduate GPA (and Master’s GPA if applicable), and a statement of intention. The statement must include why the student is interested in nanomaterials research and their goals with the PhD program [1 page max].

To apply, please send attachments as word documents or pdf to