Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Shaowei Yang

Dr. Shaowei Yang

Image preview Assistant Professor
  • B.S., Chemical Engineering
  • Tianjin University, 2010
  • Ph.D., Chemical Engineering
  • University of Cincinnatti, 2016

Developing microporous materials and membranes for energy and environment related applications.

Brief Bio

Dr. Shaowei Yang received his Ph.D. in chemical engineering from University of Cincinnati in 2016 under the supervision of Prof. Junhang Dong. His doctoral research focus was developing ultramicroporous zeolite membranes for energy and environment related small molecule gas separations. He joined Prof. Sankar Nair’s group in Georgia Institute of Technology as a research scientist in late 2015. During his five-year tenure in GT, he conducted research on propane dehydrogenation membrane reactors, scalable fabrication of ZIF-8 and zeolite hollow fiber membranes, simulated moving bed chromatography for efficient aromatic/aliphatic mixture separation. Dr. Yang joined Cleveland State University in Spring 2021. Dr. Yang has published over 20 journal articles in reputed journals. He is the inventor of one approved and two pending US patent applications.

Research Interests 

Dr. Yang’s research interest includes microporous materials, 2D materials, membrane- and adsorption-based separation process development, and thermodynamic properties and transport phenomena studies. The goal is to develop sustainable solutions for challenging issues faced by energy and environment sectors through the understanding of materials science, transport phenomena and process design. More specifically, the interested materials include: 2D and conventional zeolites, metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), covalent-organic frameworks (COFs) and inorganic-polymer composite materials. The interested applications include: (1) gas separations, such as carbon capture from flue gas and direct air capture; (2) ion separations, such as lithium and rare earth metal recovery; (3) Biofuel or biochemical separations, such as biofuel separation from fermentation broth.

Research Keywords

Zeolite, Microporous Materials, 2D Materials, Membrane Separation, Adsorption