Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

Applied Biomedical Engineering

Program Requirements

To meet all requirements for graduation, you must complete the following (in addition to courses):

Qualifying Exams

Exams will be over 5 topics:

  • BME 753 Cell and Tissue Biology
  • BME 824 Foundations of Biomedical Physiology
  • BME 758 Medical Devices
  • BME 770 Biomedical Signal Processing
  • Your choice of elective

Candidacy Exam

The candidacy exam report should be written as a research proposal. It should include the following:

  • One page project summary
  • ~25 pages of project description including:
    • Overall goal
    • 2-3 specific aims/objectives
    • Hypotheses and significance
    • Background (< 5 pages)
    • Preliminary data
    • Research plan including experimental details, expected outcomes and alternative approaches
    • Brief conclusion


At least 2 First Author Peer-Reviewed Publications
More detailed infromation can be found here.